About Us

DCNOMA is an organization comprised of architects, designers, preservationists, students, teachers and concerned individuals who believe in using the built environment as a medium for change and inspiration.
DCNOMA’s mission is to serve and promote the interests of underrepresented groups in the design profession and community at large within the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas.
DCNOMA accomplishes these goals through Professional Education programs, Public Advocacy, Community Service Projects, Partnership with Allied Organizations, Student Support and Promotion of the Design Profession to the youth of today.

DC NOMA, has at its mission the building of a strong local organization to effect change in our communities and ultimately support our national organization. Our charge as a chapter is to create awareness of the gap that exist within our profession in an effort to minimize the effect of racism and unfair practices. Strength in DC NOMA is built through empowering its membership through meaningful lectures that address the issues of minorities in the built profession and highlighting the good work and deeds accomplished by minority professionals in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Our impact is felt when our organization wrestles with the dilemmas that face this nation, particularly as they affect our profession. There is strength in in a unified voice and a targeted strategy to create awareness. By increasing the number of people in this organization, we add strength to the voice with which we can speak against apathy, bigotry, intolerance and ignorance; against abuse of the natural environment; and for the un-empowered, the marginalized and the disenfranchised. By building a strong organization, we develop a showcase for the excellence and creativity which is often not reported in daily media. This is important to DC NOMA because there is so much news that is reported in our respective neighborhoods that is negative and a lot of our youth do not always have positive influences that look like them highlighted in the media so that they may be able to identify positive local role models. Through our publications and conferences, we are able to inform the world that minority professionals clearly have the talent and capabilities to perform in design and construction with any other group. By building a strong chapter of design professionals whose sensibilities and interests include promotion of urban communities, we are able to respond to the concerns that affect marginalized communities and people. Our goals are to increase the level of participation in the social, political and economic benefits afforded the citizens of this nation and to tear down the barriers that make full participation unattainable. DC NOMA provides it’s members a platform to be involved in politics, to visit schools and reach out to children via “Project Pipeline” (DC NOMA summer camp), to conduct community and civic forums and to responsibly practice in our professional capacities.